Modesto-Mata, Mario (Phd.)

Biologist, Data Analyst & Open-Source lover

About me

Degree in Biological Sciences (UCM), Master’s Degree in Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (URV), Postgraduate Course in Advanced Techniques in Applied Statistics (UNED). Currently studying a Master’s Degree in Big Data and Data Visualization (UNIR).

PhD at Burgos University where I combined advanced Data Analysis with Dental Evolutionary Anthropology of the Atapuerca hominins (Burgos, Spain).


Neanderthal fireplaces
Modeling of fireplace distribution and refitting bones at the Abric Romaní site.
Tooth diameters
Scatter plots and equiprobability ellipses to seek for differences between hominins.
Cluster bootstrapping
Bootstrapping a cluster allows to see the strength of every group.
Multiple regressions
Estimation of worn teeth based on original unworn morphologies.
Density areas
Female/Male differences in dental traits by running density areas.
Bayesian statistics
Bayesian approach to study the relative dental mineralization stages.
Perikymata differences across all teeth
Polar chart is a creative way to summarize differences across multiple elements.

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