Modesto-Mata, Mario (Phd.)

Biologist, Data Analyst & Open-Source lover

About me

Degree in Biological Sciences (UCM), Master’s Degree in Quaternary Archaeology and Human Evolution (URV), Postgraduate Course in Advanced Techniques in Applied Statistics (UNED). Currently studying a Master’s Degree in Big Data and Data Visualization (UNIR).

PhD at Burgos University where I combined advanced Data Analysis with Dental Evolutionary Anthropology of the Atapuerca hominins (Burgos, Spain).

SCIENCE production

Introduction to R
Intermediate R
Introduction to the Tidyverse
Data Visualization with ggplot2 (Part 1)
Importing & Cleaning Data in R: Case Studies
Importing Data in R (Part 1)
Importing Data in R (Part 2)
Introduction to Shell for Data Science
Cleaning Data in R
Introduction to Data
Data Manipulation in R with dplyr
Exploratory Data Analysis
Writing Functions in R

Data Scientist with R

Viva el Software Libre

Open Source Software


Data Analysis with R